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I love our team! There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a Mid-States team member grow in their job and have the opportunity to grow in the business as well. Ultimately when our team wins, our customers win, and that’s how we work to support each other. Look no further than our 2017 accomplishment of reaching the very best in safety as recognized by OSHA’s SHARP status. Several customers have acknowledged our safety and customer service commitment; however, both are a journey and we’re still striving for and listening to what it sounds like when we deliver “kick-ass over the top” customer service. Let us know how we’re doing here.

There is nothing more important to the future of our businesses and communities then the health of our local schools. Recently I’ve had the honor of working with our region’s business community to find ways to support our local schools, the administrative team, the principals and our teachers. We can all use a lesson from our teachers on how to teach, how to coach our own teams.

Off the Clock
I continue to read (#1, the Bible) and learn, not only from books but from listening to mentors, peers, family and team members. A couple key points and a habit worth sharing: one, leadership growth comes not only from having a mentor but also from your peers and people you can teach or coach - be on the look out for those daily opportunities to share; and two, journal daily. Write down what you learned each day and capture those ideas. You’ll be amazed how much material God gives us every day to be better. Do good things and good things will happen to you.

Walking, hiking, swimming, golf, fishing and time spent with family and friends keep me outdoors where I love to be. My music tastes are as exciting as ever. I enjoy all kinds of music and most recently have been jamming on soul, funk and R&B. If you haven’t yet heard of Vulfpeck, check them out - young band out of Michigan. Funky, crazy band, loads of fun to see in concert.

Secret Life
Had the privilege and challenge of competing in high school golf against a couple of very successful pros, now on the senior circuit, but still great competitors: Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly.



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After graduating from Denison University with a BA degree in economics, I married Prudy and joined the company founded by my father. We are a third generation family owned business for over 70 years. Hagen is currently president and managing the growth of Mid-States.  The company’s capabilities, advantages and results have increased quickly and dramatically under his leadership.

Off the Clock
I live in Roscoe, IL with my wife Prudy who owns Life Circle, a financial planning firm in Beloit. We have both served on several boards and contribute our time and money to many non profit organizations. One of the most rewarding efforts has been seeing the renewal of Beloit, in particular the downtown and the riverfront, and The Confluence project in South Beloit. Something most people wouldn’t know is that we have been practicing transcendental meditation for over 40 years.


Vice President Preconstruction

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My greatest achievement was somehow convincing my amazing wife to marry me. Twenty-four years later I am still trying to figure out how I did that. Both of our daughters are in college and we are having a blast watching their successes (and that they are out of the house).

At Mid-States I get to work with some of the most incredibly talented people and together we build some great buildings. Every project has its own story, but some of the special ones for me have been Humbucker, 933 S. LaSalle, UW Physical Plant and North End.

Melissa and I enjoy leading a small group at our church. Also very grateful that I get to teach a course on leadership at local schools, church and at Mid-States.

Off the Clock
Favorite place in the world is sitting on the back deck with my wife and a good whiskey (on the rocks) with some music in the background. Greatest movie franchise: Rocky (this is a fact). Greatest band: Pearl Jam (not open for debate). One of the best ways to spend an early morning: on a paddle board on Lake Geneva when the water is like glass.

Secret Life
Harrison Ford went to my grandfather’s house in Upper Michigan for an authentic Finnish sauna. Yes, Han Solo! Also, my grandma is way funnier than yours and she is an assassin at cribbage.

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Vice President of Manufacturing and Construction

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Awesome wife and three teenagers who are pretty awesome, too! Completed three Trifectas.

Junior Achievement, member of Town of Beloit PFC and Board of Review, youth group at Central Christian, work with some great 4th graders in my wife’s classroom, and PCI Erector’s member.

Off the Clock
Just picking up golf as kids have entered high school; Spartan races; part-time taxi driver for all our children’s activities and poker (when time allows).

Secret Life
Wife and I are going to give cross country skiing a try this winter.


Vice President of Safety and Quality

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I have been with Mid-States for 13 years and am proud that we are achieving world class quality and safety at Mid-States. I am an active member on various PCI Committees, serving as Chairman of the Vendor QA Committee and Vice Chairman for the Plant Certification Committee. I hold various safety and quality certifications along with an associate’s degree in criminal law and bachelor of science in business (still working on my MBA in safety). My greatest blessing and accomplishment is my family. I have an amazing wife and four great children. Three graduated from college, one still at home. All (the kids) have given me grey hair.

Off the Clock
USA Swim Official and Secretary for my son’s swim club. Enjoy grilling out, watching the Badgers, Packers and Brewers. I love to spend time with my family: family trips, fishing, cooking out, or sitting on a deer stand with my sons and daughter.

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Chief Information Officer

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I received my MCSE in 1999. I’ve been programming business and production applications since then. Having a network and developer background has helped a lot in my career. I’ve been a team member at Mid-States Concrete Industries for 3 years.

Off the Clock
I’ve been married for 15 years and I have two awesome children. I enjoy listening to Justin Bieber and going on adventures with my family. I also like camping, history, economics, cards and all kinds of music.

Secret Life
My spirit animal is a dolphin-owl, because it is what it is, a dolphin-owl. I don’t write my own bios.

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Director of Human Resources

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I am part of an exciting Leadership Team focusing on our Team Members. We have mentored and supported our Team Members with the Mid-States Team Experience. As part of the Human Resources Team, we’ve taught, learned, and laughed from orientation to a successful Team Member. Personally, I’m proud to be part of the Mid-States Family.

The Saint Bernadette Parish in Rockford is a passion. Growing up, I attended St. Bernadette’s for grade school. Now, I’m honored to attend mass with my mother every Sunday.

Off the Clock
Brewers, Bacon and Beer. We attend, according to my beautiful wife Lisa, too many games. However, more important, our daughters Rebecca and Meghan. Meghan’s getting married to Enzo in October. Becca will be teaching first grade in Johnson Creek this year.

Secret Life
I have been under contract with the WWE. Yes, World Wrestling Entertainment. Actually, twice!! OK, I admit I wasn’t a wrestler, I was a seat filler at two televised events.

I love old movies. The best are black and white Sci-Fis from the 40s and 50s.

Science Fiction/Wrestling… maybe there’s a connection.

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Director of Finance

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By far, my greatest accomplishments have been my marriage of 10 years to my best friend and wife, Ereka, and raising our three amazing sons, Madden, Grayson and Bowen. Following would be graduating with honors (Cum Laude) from Upper Iowa University in 2011 with a BASc degree, majoring in Accounting, and advancing my career over the years which was made possible only by the grace of God and a few people He has placed in my life who have given me mentorship and opportunities to which I am eternally grateful.

Off the Clock
In my spare time I enjoy vacationing with my family, hiking, hunting, fishing, woodworking, golfing, kayaking, and trail riding our side-by-side ATV. Another passion of mine and my wife’s is advocating for Autism. Our middle son, Grayson, is autistic so we spend a lot of time learning about what his world looks like through his eyes and researching new ways to help him and other children with Autism learn, grow, and assimilate in the world the rest of us see. Grayson has blessed us with a perspective on life that many of us forget about as we grow older and he continues to challenge us for the better each and every day.