We Love Working with Molly & Scott

You deserve the best!  We focus 99% of our energy on you, the Customer, and only one percent on the competition. How focused are we? So focused we created a couple avatars to represent some of our most important Customers.

What exactly is an avatar? Our avatars are a graphical, or cartoon-like, representation of some of our best Customers. We refer to our Customer avatars when discussing any project that comes our way. While everyone in the company may not always get to meet our actual Customers, we have all "met" our Customer avatars, allowing us to make sure we are always focused on you — the Customer.


Molly is an architect and is passionate about designing buildings that improve the lives of the people using them. Are you a Molly? We would love to help you balance innovation and economy, while keeping your projects on-time, on-budget and on-focus.


Scott is a developer who is passionate about developing urban areas. Since partnering with Mid-States, Scott has relied on us from the beginning of each of his projects to help him plan for design, functionality, construction and budget. Are you a Scott? We would love to partner with you on your next project and put our 70+ years of expertise to work for the success of your project.