Wall Panels

Precast wall panels offer a large variety of finishes and applications for you to choose from. Wall panels are a popular structural and architectural system in commercial, industrial, education, multi-family, medical, municipal and other markets. Wall panels can be designed as non-loadbearing or loadbearing, carrying floor and roof loads, as well as lateral loads. Panels may be solid, composite, non-composite or composite with continuous insulation. Finishes offered include: variety of color, sandblast, water wash, acid etch, thin brick and an endless variety of form liners.

Mid-States also offers the innovative, advanced technology of CarbonCast® Enclosure Systems. CarbonCast integrates an ultra-strong, non-corrosive C-GRID into the wall panels during fabrication. These innovative precast wall systems are even lighter, better insulating, more sustainable and more resilient.


  • Speed of construction. Pieces are cast off-site in a controlled environment and are delivered to you when you need them.

  • Versatility. With a variety of finishes and applications for you to choose from, your dreams can become reality.

  • Safety. Wall panels are inherently fire resistant, offer seismic resistance, blast resistance and storm resistance.

  • Durability. Precast wall panels are resistant to nature, from termites or hurricanes to high winds and seismic events.

  • All weather construction. The just-in-time delivery of wall panels to the jobsite makes effective use of transportation and site access. A small crew can erect thousands of square feet per day and enclose the structure in days or weeks, whether it is the middle of winter, or the middle of summer.

  • Sustainability. Wall panels are made with versatile and durable material, produced in a factory by highly trained personnel with virtually no waste, under stringent quality control measures. Panels can be quickly erected on the jobsite with minimal disruption to the site.

  • Efficiency. Precast’s thermal mass can save energy and increase comfort.


Innovative precast wall systems that are lighter, better insulating, sustainable, and more resilient.

CarbonCast® Enclosure Systems use advanced technology to improve precast concrete by integrating ultra-strong, non-corrosive C-GRID® into the wall panels during fabrication. By taking the place of steel reinforcement, C-GRID provides a multitude of benefits making factory-made precast concrete an even more intelligent choice for commercial building envelopes.

Composite with Continuous Insulation

Composite with Continuous Insulation

Innovative Graphic Concrete

Create vivid, distinctive images and patterns on concrete.

Graphic Concrete technology allows you to impart durable patterns and images onto precast surfaces. It opens up a bold new range of design possibilities for architects while providing the renowned resilience of precast concrete.

Graphic Concrete at Hononegah High School in Rockton, IL

Graphic Concrete at Hononegah High School in Rockton, IL


MId-States Concrete offers a variety of finishes, custom form liners, graphic concrete, thin brink and more options. Please reach out to the Preconstruction Team for more information on how Mid-States can help with your project.

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