CarbonCast High Performance
Insulated Wall Panels

Innovative precast wall systems that are lighter, better insulating, sustainable and more resilient.

CarbonCast® Enclosure Systems use advanced technology to improve precast concrete by integrating ultra-strong, non-corrosive C-GRID® into the wall panels during fabrication. By taking the place of steel reinforcement, C-GRID provides a multitude of benefits making factory-made precast concrete an even more intelligent choice for commercial building envelopes.

Depending on the design, CarbonCast panels are priced competitively with other curtainwall systems such as brick-veneer, masonry, stud wall, or concrete. After factoring in reductions to superstructure requirements and potential HVAC system and operating savings, CarbonCast Enclosure Systems can help pay for themselves immediately.

Lightweight, non-corrosive C-GRID is the “enabling technology” that allows CarbonCast enclosure systems to be lighter, insulating, more durable, and cost competitive.



  • Full composite action for load-bearing performance
  • Continuous insulation to meet ASHRAE 90.1 requirements
  • Aesthetic versatility

High performance precast concrete inherently provides versatility, efficiency, and resiliency. Choosing precast concrete during the design build process can provide a multitude of architectural, construction and design benefits. Whether you are designing commercial structures, residential structures, parking garages, or another type of structure, consider precast concrete as your building material of choice.


Mid-States is a proud member of AltusGroup and we are excited to bring this technology to our market.