Information Technology

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Chief Information Officer

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I received my MCSE in 1999. I’ve been programming business and production applications since then. Having a network and developer background has helped a lot in my career. I’ve been a team member at Mid-States Concrete Industries for 3 years.

Off the Clock
I’ve been married for 15 years and I have two awesome children. I enjoy listening to Justin Bieber and going on adventures with my family. I also like camping, history, economics, cards and all kinds of music.

Secret Life
My spirit animal is a dolphin-owl, because it is what it is, a dolphin-owl. I don’t write my own bios.


Information Technology Analyst

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I have over 15 years of experience in the information technology field including 12 years of web design and development skills.  I live in Janesville with my girlfriend of ten years and my two stubborn dachshunds.

Off the Clock
My hobbies include playing video games such as League of Legends and the coin-op classics like PAC-MAN and Joust.  On the weekends I will be watching my favorite movies like War Games, Office Space and Airplane, while slow smoking my soon-to-be-famous BBQ pulled pork or jerky.

Secret Life
I have a Star Wars bobble head and antique board game collection worth over $10K.


Information Technology Technician

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I’ve traveled across the country and world with various musical ensembles. I’ve recorded two albums and participated in four other albums. I currently have one disc golf ace.

I play Disc Golf and I sing with a choir called Camerata Emanon.

Off the Clock
I tend to jump from one hobby to the next, but most involve some form of creative building or customization. Recently I taught myself how to solder and built a few keyboards. I picked up a jeweler’s tool kit and am teaching myself watch repair at the moment. I am an avid music lover with a background in choral music and jazz trumpet.

Secret Life
I once got to sing the National Anthem with a choir for a Cubs game. Ed Helms was my commencement speaker.