Meet Our Team: Steve Jero & Rob Champlin

Steve Jero, Wet Cast Foreman

Steve Jero, Wet Cast Foreman

Steve Jero has been with Mid-States Concrete Industries for six years and has been foreman for three of those years. He started out working on wall panels, and credits hard work and dedication to the job for helping him achieve foreman.

What Steve enjoys most about his work is his crew. He said it is fun to be around a bunch of guys who can have fun and joke around, while still getting the job done. Because of the ebbs and flows of the work, Steve and his crew have to be ready for anything. The most important thing Steve has learned working at Mid-States is to embrace flexibility and roll with the punches.

Steve continues to do the work he does not just for the paycheck, but because he genuinely enjoys what he does. He said to take a piece of concrete from how it looks when his crew gets it, to making it all shiny and nearly marble-like is very satisfying.

One thing people might not know about Steve is that he actually helped deliver his current dog - Willy, now eight-years-old. Willy’s mom belonged to Steve’s cousin and when she went in to labor, she really struggled with delivering Willy, who was coming out butt first, so Steve helped. From there he really bonded with Willy and now they are best friends. And now, he has hundreds of photos of his dog on his phone.

Rob Champlin, Lead Yard Foreman

Rob Champlin, Lead Yard Foreman

Rob Champlin has been with Mid-States Concrete Industries for a total of 23 years and has worked for all three generations of Harkers. He has been a foreman for 11 years total.

Rob’s career path through Mid-States is somewhat of a history lesson. He started in PermaBand doing screeded rails before moving to beams and columns, when they were still cast outside. After that he transferred to Flexicore, but left the company for a bit after that. When he returned, Rob spent one year in Wet Cast before transferring to the yard where it took him only one-and-a-half years to become foreman. Rob even had the opportunity to train current President Hagen Harker when he was starting out, as well as the third generation of Harkers - both Charles and William.

What Rob enjoys most about his work is the team he works with, as well as the tasks and challenges of the work. He finds it satisfying to face the challenge of completing all the work that needs to be done every day.

While the cold days outside can be a challenge for Rob, he still wouldn’t want to do anything else. He truly loves his work. He is also very proud of working for the same company his father, Bob Champlin, worked for. Rob credits Bob with teaching him much of what he knows, and helping put Mid-States on the map.

And family means so much to Rob. Every day after work he spends the afternoons with his five grandchildren.