Team Member Takes Second in Archery Tournament

Colin Jones, a member of our preconstruction team, recently tied for second place in the professional class of the Wisconsin State Indoor Archery Tournament.

On Feb. 16 and 17, Jones spent the weekend competing in Wisconsin Rapids, with his wife Jessica spotting for him. On day one, Jones shot a 300 with 59X and on day two, Jones shot a 300 with 58X, for a total of 600 with 117X. A perfect score is 600 with 120X.

Jones started shooting archery in 4H at nine-years-old. Growing up watching the Robinhood movies and reading the books, archery just always fascinated him, plus, he said, he was naturally gifted at it.

He joined the Beloit Field Archers when he was 18-years-old and by 19-years-old, he was shooting competitively. Jones said he first learned how to shoot by watching other people and then just started asking questions of other archers. In 2012, he turned pro after winning the state amateur championship for a second time.

”There’s a little bit of luck involved and a lot of skill,” Jones said.

The skills necessary for archery, according to Jones, are a positive mental attitude, good form and lots of practice. It also helps to have a supportive wife, Jones said, crediting Jessica for taking care of the kids and holding things down at home while he shoots.

Before having kids - Jones is father of Cole, 3, and Lorelei, 3 months - Jones was practicing about four times a week. Now, he only shoots in a league on Thursday nights, sometimes taking Cole with him. Cole already has his own bow and shoots in between dad’s practice when he goes to league night.

”That fact that he’s showing interest, that’s pretty neat,” Jones said.

Jones loves the competitiveness of shooting and chooses to shoot in the professional class because he wants to shoot against the best archers in the world, some of whom are from Wisconsin. He competes up to six times each year across the country. He currently shoots a Dave Barnsdale Bow.

”It’s an older bow, but I feel comfortable with it,” he said.

For anyone interested in trying archery, Jones advises starting with used equipment, joining a club and not being afraid to ask questions.

”Everybody in archery is willing to help everybody, especially someone new,” he said.

Jones will compete in the NFAA Nationals in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend. Nearly 2,000 archers will compete.