Innovative Graphic Concrete

20180424_114050 (2).jpg

In an effort to offer Customers the latest innovations in precast, the Mid-States Concrete Industries team has spent the past several months studying and testing the use of graphic concrete.

Graphic concrete enables durable patterns and images to be produced on precast surfaces through the use of a membrane with a surface retarder.  Concrete is cast on the membrane and when the retarder is washed away, the image is revealed.  Mid-States has partnered with Graphic Concrete LTD to learn more about this exciting new tool, so we can offer it to you.

Graphic Concrete has been used in more than 600 projects in 25 countries around the world by numerous architectural offices and concrete element factories.  Mid-States has used graphic concrete to cast our own logo into the new water reclamation center at our plant.  We have also experimented with how we could incorporate it into some of the projects we are currently involved with.

If you are interested in more information about graphic concrete, please contact