Mid-States Company Picnic This Weekend


One of my favorite days of the year is coming up this weekend. On Saturday, Mid-States Concrete Industries will host its annual Company Picnic. About 200 adults and 75 kids are expected to come out for some delicious food, fun activities, plant tours and more.

Why is this one of my favorite days of the year? First, with running a 24-hour operation, this is one of the few days each year where all of us are on the same schedule. This means we get to see people we might not have the chance to see very often. It is a wonderful time to get to know your team, especially given the amount of time we spend with each other. Second, I love to see our team bring in their families and show off Mid-States as a place they are proud to work. With tours of our plant, spouses and children get to see what their partner/parent does all day. And, it gives our team a chance to show off why they come to work every day. We’re all just trying to do the best we can for our families. Third, it is just plain fun. With bag toss, ring toss, gunny sack races, a bounce house, water balloon toss, and delicious food, what’s not to enjoy? Plus, this year we have added a dunk tank and a chance to dunk your favorite executive. I have a feeling there will be a long line for this one!