The PCI Difference

When you work with Mid-States Concrete, you are working with a PCI Certified Plant and PCI Certified Erector.

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Why is this important?  PCI Certification is more than audits and documentation.  It is based on comprehensive expertise.  For more than 50 years, PCI has set the standards and developed the knowledge for the design and construction of precast concrete structures, according to PCI.

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PCI's Plant Certification Program ensures that the plant has developed and documented an in-depth, in-house quality systems based on time-tested, national industry standards.  Once a year, the plant undergoes two unannounced audits, in accordance with the standards published in PCI's quality-control manuals.  Mid-States PCI Plant Certification Categories include: A1, B3, B3-IL, C3 and C3A.

PCI's Certified Erector program complements the Plant Certification program.  It calls for precast components to be erected to the exacting standards expected by owners, developers, architects and contractors.  Each crew of a PCI Certified Erector is audited twice each year.  Mid-States PCI Erector Certification Category is S2.

The PCI Certification program was developed and is updated by a team representing all industry stakeholders.  It is backed by PCI's network of committees, research and development, education, codes and standard initiatives, and integrated programs and relations throughout the industry, according to PCI.

Contact Mid-States early in the design phase, and we can provide input on architectural options, efficient sizes and shapes, value-engineering options, connection systems and more - all achieve with quality precast concrete.  Plus, using quality products leads to more efficient field operations, which can prevent schedule delays.  Quality control ensures that pieces are properly identified and delivered and fit together properly.

By maintaining our PCI Certification, we ensure that our precast concrete components are manufactured and installed according to stringent industry standards.