Our Safest Year Yet

Safety First.jpg

Mid-States Concrete set a new record in 2016.

Last year was our safest year yet, with only seven recordable injuries.  And of those seven, Mike Wolff, Vice President of Safety and Plant Operations, said most were relatively minor.  Our previous safest year had 13 recordable injuries.  Generally, our yearly recordables have fallen somewhere in the teens.

In 2016, we had zero recordables in the Field and in Cage Tie.  Elematic had just three recordable injuries, Wetcast had two, the Yard had one and Maintenance had one.

Wolff said the decrease in injuries can be attributed to a few things.  Much of it has to do with the safety culture at Mid-States.  The company puts safety above all else.  Wolff credited the team for an incredible year though.  He said the team looks out for each other and everyone reported near misses, which help prevent future injuries.

“It truly shows our employee involvement in safety,” Wolff said.  “The team is engaged on a daily basis.”

Mid-States has a Field Safety Committee, as well as a Plant Safety Committee, and regularly conducts a night shift audit, to make sure proper safety protocol is being used.  In addition, all of our foreman are 30-hour OSHA certified.  Our entire field crew is also 30-hour OSHA certified.  The team is also regularly coached on the biggest reasons for injury:  complacency, fatigue, rushing and frustration.

“It’s about people caring for other people,” Wolff said.

With the dedication of the entire team, hopefully Mid-States can break its own record in 2017.