Mid-States works on tallest building yet

Rendering courtesy of Hirsch Associates.

Rendering courtesy of Hirsch Associates.

Mid-States is a proud partner of Wicker Park Connection, 1640 W. Division St., in Chicago.

The 15-story tower will have hollowcore flooring for levels two through 15, plus a hollowcore roof, making 15 levels of hollowcore.  It is the tallest building Mid-States has ever worked on.  The project also features about 5,400 square feet of wall panels.

The tower will feature 140 residential units, 52 parking spaces and new retail space.  Mid-States will erect about 137,093-square-feet of 8" and 10" hollowcore slabs and siz pieces of balcony slabs, as well as wall panels.  Wicker Park Connection will be the neighborhood's second tallest building.

Mid-States worked with Linn-Mathes Inc. General Contractors and Builders on this project.  Hirsch Associates is the architect of the building and Centrum Partners is the developer.