Acousitcal Advantages of Precast Systems

Acoustical_Public Domain.png

Acoustics play a vital role in the design of a building, and in the designer’s selection of materials to build with.  And within each building, there will be several types of spaces, each requiring its own level of acoustical performance.  The building partition (floors, walls and ceilings) of each space offers a measurable level of privacy from outside noise and from physical impacts against the floors, walls and ceilings themselves.  They also offer a measurable acoustical performance in terms of sound absorption and sound reflections.

A building partition is assigned both a Sound Transmission Class and Impact Insulation Class by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).  A minimum rating is required by the International Building Code.

When all is said and done, the common goal of architects, builders and building owners is to acquire as much acoustical performance for the money as possible.  This gives value.

This is where Mid-States Concrete Industries comes in.  Precast concrete provides high mass and insulation and Mid-States is able to transform this natural material into a variety of configurations, shapes, patterns, colors and styles to meet almost any creative and functional vision.

Interested in learning more about how precast concrete can help you acquire the maximum amount of acoustical performance for your project dollars?  Our preconstruction and engineering teams will gladly assist you in finding the best precast solution to your acoustical challenges.