1979 MGB Wins First in Class


The first time Mary Seibert-Morin and her husband showed their 1979 MGB, it won first in its class.

Seibert-Morin, Engineering Support for Mid-States, and her husband Bob (who have been married, and I quote, FOREVER) are members of the Madison MG Club, which is how they heard about the June car show in Sussex, Wisc.  The couple’s MGB has only 24,000 original miles on it.  The car previously belonged to Seibert-Morin’s father, who purchased it in 1981 with just 9,000 miles on it.

“It’s just fun,” Seibert-Morin said of the convertible.

To get the car ready for the show, Bob spent about five hours waxing it, utilizing a manual five-step process.

“It was amazing,” Seibert-Morin said.  “Now you can see the actual green of the paint and not the oxidization.”

The car show featured about 200 British cars – from Lotus to Triumph to Cooper, Jaguar and Bentley – and there were about 40 cars total in the class Seibert-Morin’s car competed in.  What was nice about the show, Seibert-Morin said, is all the voting was done by others who had entered the competition.  So, her car was voted first in its class, by the very people she was competing against.

“It was a very fun day,” Seibert-Morin said.  “We were shocked (to win).  We actually got a wooden plaque for winning.”

The body of the MGB is in great shape, though the engine needed a little bit of work.  The biggest thing the couple had to replace is the gas tank.  Prior to replacing the gas tank, the car would sometimes just… stop.  It could happen anywhere and you never knew how long you were going to have to wait before the car would start up again, Seibert-Morin said.  But, since replacing the gas tank, the car no longer randomly stops.

The two often take the car on day trips or short overnight trips.  It’s a small car, so there isn’t much trunk space, but Seibert-Morin somehow always gets the essentials in – like wine, when the two visited Door County.

“We pick a destination or decide what way we want to go and take the back roads,” Seibert-Morin said.  “It’s a great way to melt your stresses away.”

One of the main advantages of the car, which the couple have had for 15 years now, is that it has a roof and four wheels, so if the weather takes a turn for the worse, they have options.

The couple have talked about showing the car again, if they find another nearby show.  A great thing about being a member of the Madison MG Club is someone always knows what’s going on.  Good luck to Seibert-Morin at future shows!