State-of-the-art water reclamation and aggregate recovery plant

Mid-States Water Reclamation.jpg

Mid-States Concrete’s new state-of-the-art water reclamation and aggregate recovery plant is now operational.

The new facility is an upgrade from our previous smaller system and goes above and beyond the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act.  The new facility also helps Mid-States further reduce its carbon footprint.  We are now able to reduce the amount of scrap we have by running our scrap batches through the new plant, which filters out as much reusable water as it can, while also separating the sand and aggregate from scrap batches for reuse.

“Instead of throwing it away, we are recycling it,” said Mike Wolff, vice president of safety and quality.

The new system offers the potential to not only use less water, but also to batch concrete with a certain amount of reclaimed water, said Fred Bradley, maintenance and facility continuous improvement manager.

The building itself is a shining example of what precast can do.  Mid-States cast all the hollowcore and wall panels for the new facility here on site, with our own team members.  Our field crew erected the entire building.

It was also the first time our team utilized graphic concrete.  As you can see in the picture above, our company logo is cast right in to the concrete of nine wall panels.  Graphic concrete enables durable patterns and images to be produced on precast surfaces through the use of a membrane with a surface retarder.  Concrete is cast on the membrane and when the retarder is washed away, the image is revealed.

The new addition also provides for more production and maintenance space.  Previously, equipment was stored in the same area as our maintenance team was stationed.  Now, maintenance has its own dedicated space at the end of the production hall, and there is plenty of room to both clean and store equipment, according to Bradley.

With some additional training for our team, the new facility should also increase safety.  An end loader driver will no longer have to clean the pit, as everything is done automatically with the push of a button.

A few kinks are still being worked out, but Bradley is confident Mid-States will be able to utilize the water reclamation and aggregate recovery plant full time in the new year.