How prestressed hollowcore offers a long-span, lightweight deck:


The hollowcore deck is made up of fully prestressed precast concrete slabs. The slabs are pretensioned with high strength steel strand (250,000 psi min.) providing the tensile strength to carry greater loads over longer spans.




hollowcore comes in 2' or 4' wide slabs * and are available in the sizes shown below.

*4' wide slabs are currently avalible in 8" and 10" sizes.



hollowcore concrete decks have offered high-speed, low-cost floor and roof construction since 1938. Individual slabs are precast under rigid PCI certification standards. The hollowcore method is an efficient, perfected system.

hollowcore decks have a versatility that permits the slabs to be notched, beveled, cast with weld plates or cast in some special widths.

hollowcore decks are adaptable to nearly all modern building requirements. The most commonly used slab is the eight-inch section.

Common Questions

1) What size hollowcore is available and how far can it span?

hollowcore slabs are available in three basic sizes as shown at right. Spans can be up to 28’-0" with an 8" slab, 35’-0" with a 10" slab and 45’-0" with a 12" slab.

2) What size foundation wall is needed for a garage?

A typical garage requires no more than standard foundation wall dimensions based on your local codes. For more unusual conditions you may need to contact your architect, engineer or general contractor.

3) How much bearing is required?

Recommended bearing is 3" on poured concrete foundation walls, 3.5" on masonry and 2.5" on steel beams. See the following typical details. Large openings in the bearing walls i.e.: garage doors, windows, or service doors require engineered support. (This should be reviewed with your architect, engineer or general contractor.)

4) How much camber will there be?

Camber is an inherent feature of prestressed concrete and will vary depending on the span and load for your project.

5) What about openings?

Openings can be easily provided by core drilling, saw cutting or framing during installation.

6) Is concrete topping required?

Concrete topping is required for garage floors. Concrete topping is not supplied by Mid-States Concrete Products Co.

7) Is hollowcore water tight? How can we make it waterproof?

Because they are concrete, neither the hollowcore nor the topping is waterproof. Mid-States Concrete Industries does not provide the waterproofing or the concrete topping; however, the following suggestions may be helpful in providing a solution to waterproofing. (These issues should be discussed with your architect, engineer, general contractor or concrete supplier).
Be sure your concrete contractor follows recommended ACI practices for topping placement.
Pitch the concrete topping to a garage door or an interior drain.
Properly apply a seamless water tight membrane between the top of the hollowcore and the concrete topping. A 60 mil. thickness is commonly used.
Cut properly engineered control joints in the topping.
Perform recommended maintenance with a properly applied concrete sealer.


How to Buy hollowcore

1) Planning & Pricing

Early involvement by our sales people in the design of the project is key to a successful timetable. Our experienced sales staff will work with you to provide accurate budgeting information, design information and final pricing for hollowcore/flexicast construction.

2) Ordering

Ordering is as simple as calling 1-800-236-1072. Our staff will guide you through the ordering process. We at Mid-States want to encourage stress free workflow which can maximize profitability for all our customers.

3) Shop Drawings

To ensure timely delivery, you must provide us with complete plans and specifications. Because your order is custom produced, approved shop drawings must be received prior to production. The engineering department provides details, engineered solutions and customized shop drawings for your project.

4) Production & Delivery

Production time varies by project size, complexity and seasonal demands. Mid-States Concrete Industries has a reputation for on-time delivery.

5) Installation

Mid-States Concrete Industries offers an installation service performed by our trained crews. For efficient installation, readiness and jobsite access are critical. Our field service personnel will help you determine if access is suitable for our trucks and cranes. Be sure all bearing surfaces are ready and access is provided. To schedule your installation date, call 1-800-236-1072.